Glitter Ombre Nails

27 Nov

One of the popular trends going on in the nail world right now is glitter ombré. This design is perfect for those Holiday nails that you’ve been looking for. I’m obsessed with them. I had never done them before until this Thanksgiving. In the past, I’ve attempted to do the ombré with glitter nail polish, but I found it very difficult to get the glitter to fade on the nail the way I wanted it to. It would get really clumpy and just be a huge mess and who wants clumpy holiday nails?! So when my sister came home for Thanksgiving and requested a glitter ombré, I thought I would finally give it a go. After a lot of trial and error and with the patience of my sister, I ended up successfully creating the glitter ombré. I found that I could use the same techniques I used for another ombré design by using a metallic glitter nail polish. Some nail artists use actual glitter, but I found glitter nail polish worked even better with the same results So give it a try! Check out my tutorial post on How to do Ombre Nails! Here are the colors I used for my sister’s nails:

Essie in Recessionista

  Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Golden



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