Essie Winter Nail Collection

20 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! Bring out those boots, scarves and Christmas lights everyone, because the holidays are finally here. Christmastime and winter is my absolute favorite time of the year. I think I actually like it better than my birthday. One of my favorite things I look forward to this time of the year is winter colors. Finding the perfect color to go with your outfit for a Christmas or New Year’s Party, can be really fun. But it can also be really expensive. It’s just so hard to buy one color! I know when I go to the store for nail polish, I can’t just buy one. That’s why there is Essie Nail Polish. Buying all of the fall and winter collections of OPI can get a little pricier. Essie is such a good brand because it’s kind of like a cheaper version of fancy nail polish. At about six to seven dollars each, you can have your own complete Essie Winter Nail Collection. I’m absolutely in love with them. My favorite is the sparkly deep apple red color. It would be so cute with an outfit that consists of some cold colors. I literally can’t wait until I buy it. What’s even better is that they sell Essie at Target, and sometimes they have exclusive colors that they only sell at Target. So the next time you go to Target to pick up a cute holiday outfit, be sure to grab some nail polish to match it!


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