The Best Top Coat in the World

18 Oct

One of the toughest things about painting nails is finding the perfect top coat. I’ve tried various top coats over the years, from the drugstore versions, to the Essie and OPI brands. However, nothing comes close to Seche Vite  Dry Fast Top Coat. It is seriously the best top coat I have ever tried in my life. Not only does it dry in record time, but when it dries it makes you’re nails feel super smooth and shiny, almost like fake nails. I’m absolutely obsessed and I will definitely be buying this nail polish in bulk. 

On it was rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. One reviewer said, “Love this top coat. Makes my polish last forever. I have tried all the drugstore brands as well as the more expensive brands like OPI. I have to say that this top coat is my all time favorite. It isn’t the cheapest, but you save on polish, salon, and nail polish remover costs.” Although it is really pricey, it’s definitely worth it and it makes the nail polish last a long time. Nowadays, you can find this top coat at drugstores or your local Target. Or you can buy it on the company website:


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