Spooky Halloween Nails

18 Oct





The spirit of Halloween has bitten and infected me. I’ve been so anxious to do Halloween nail art for the longest time and I’m so excited that I get to do a blog tutorial about it. So if you’d rather dress up your nails than wear a costume, then these are the nails for you. We’ve got scary vampire fangs, creepy blood splatter, a ghoulish skeleton, and an ombre candy corn all on one hand; the perfect combination for spooky nails. Let’s get started!




  • White, black, red yellow, and orange nail polish
  • Fine tip, detail paint brush and another brush of your choice for cleaning purposes
  • Little cut up pieces of makeup sponges
  • One straw
  • Acetone nail polish remover
  • A paper plate to sponge on
  • Top Coat


Vampire Fangs 


  1. Paint the desired nail black, then using a brush of your choice, dip the brush in acetone and brush off the nail polish on the top and bottom of the nail, leaving the middle black.
  2. Then, paint the top and the bottom a bright red color. It should look like this:
  3. Next, using the fine tip brush, paint little pointy teeth starting first on the top half and at the ends make pointy little fangs. Do the same for the bottom edge of your nail.
  4. Clean up the edges with a brush dipped in acetone.
  5. Finish with a top coat and voila!


Bloody Splatter


  1. Paint the nail white, using about 2-3 coats.
  2. Then, use the paper plate and put a few drops of the red nail polish onto the plate.
  3. Next, use the straw and dip it into the puddle of red nail polish until a bubble forms at the end.
  4. Very fast and abruptly blow into the other end of the straw onto your nail, creating that splattered look effect. Repeat steps 2-3 until you get your desired splattered look.
  5. Clean edges with a brush dipped in acetone.
  6. Finish with a top coat.


Two-Finger Skeleton


  1. Paint your thumb and any one other nail on the same hand with black nail polish.
  2. Using the fine tip brush, paint a few square-like circles (these are the teeth) on the edge of your fingernail and then draw half of an oval on top on the circles. I should look like this: 
  3. Next draw two dark circles for eyes, and an upside down “V” for the nose.
  4. Now it’s time for the thumb. Using your fine tip brush once again, paint the same amount of square-like circles on the top edge of your thumbnail as you did on your fingernail.
  5. Then, draw a more flat circle under the circles, this will act as the jaw.
  6. Next, draw three square-like circles once again under the jaw lining down. And then draw lines on either sides of the circles. It should look like this: 
  7. Clean edges with a brush dipped in acetone.
  8. Finish both with a top coat and connect them when dry, and you have a skeleton. 


Candy Corn Ombre Nail


  1. Paint your desired nail with white nail polish.
  2. Using the cut-up makeup sponges, dab it in some yellow nail polish on the paper plate and sponge it onto the edge of your nail. 
  3. Next, dip a different piece of sponge into orange nail polish and dab it on top of the yellow, but leave a little space at the bed of your nail so you have that white peeking out. Go over with the sponges once again if you need to, to get that ombre effect. If you need to, you can refer back to this post
  4. Clean edges with a brush dipped in acetone.
  5. Finish with top coat.



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