Cheetah Ombre Nails

15 Oct

One of my all time favorite nail design to do is cheetah ombre nails! Cheetah and ombre are very popular prints not only in nails, but in the fashion world as well. They’re both everywhere in hair, clothes, shoes and more. So I thought why not put these two together! And lo and behold, the combination turned out to be one of my favorite designs ever. So grab your nail supplies and let’s get started!


  • white nail polish
  • 2-3 different shades of the same color nail polish, such as light blue and a darker blue
  • makeup sponge
  • black nail polish
  • super fine tip detail paint brush
  • top coat

Step 1

Paint all your nails with white nail polish. Let dry.

Step 2

Refer back to this blog which will help give you instructions on how to do an ombré on your nails by using a makeup sponge. You can also do it with different colors if you don’t want to use the same kind of colors. As you see in the picture, on one nail I used three different colors with the same ombre technique. Give it a few minutes to dry once you’re done.

Step 3

Using your detail paint brush, draw a cheetah print design by using 2-3 lines to make once circle. Refer back to my Classic Cheetah Print post as a guide to help you paint it. Just use the same technique in a classic cheetah print except don’t make dots. You can if you want, but I think it looks so much better if you can see the ombre through the cheetah print.

Step 4

Finish with a top coat.


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