Ombre Nails.

25 Sep

Everything is Ombre in the beauty and fashion world. The Ombre first came out earlier of last year when celebrities everywhere began dyeing the upper half of the hair dark, and then dyeing the descending bottom layers a lighter color. Not only has ombre taken over the hair world, but it has also taken over the nail world. Many professional nail artists are doing ombre on all of their customers.  It’s pretty much two or more colors on one nail that sort of blend into each other to create either an ombre or a fade. An ombre is where you are using 2 of the same type of colors. For example, a pink and a red are both the same type of color, but one is lighter and the other is darker. With these simple steps your new ombre nails will look fab. Let’s get started!

What you will need:

  • 2 nail polishes in the same kind of color but different shades. I’m using Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen and School of Hard Rocks by Essie.
  • a makeup sponge
  • A small square of foil for blending
  • Top Coat

Step 1

Paint your nails using one out of the 2 colors you’re using for this design. I’m going to use the lighter color to paint my nails first.

Step 2

Paint one line of the lighter color on the edge of the sponge and the paint a line of the darker color beneath it.

Step 3

Blot the sponge with the side that has the nail polish onto the piece of foil a few times. Make sure to blot it in the same spot everytime. It’s okay if it doesn’t go in the exact same spot. Blotting helps to blend the colors more, creating that ombre effect. You might need to repeat this step for each nail, as the nail polish tends to dry quickly.

Step 4

Very quickly, place the side of the sponge with the nail polish onto the nail with the darker side going towards the edge of your nail. Move the sponge around from side to side until the color has been transferred to the nail. If you need to, you can put a little more of the darker color on a corner of the sponge, blot it, and make the very ends of your nail a little darker.

Step 5

Clean up with some brushes or q-tips dipped in acetone and finish with a top coat.


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